Welcome to the Better Health Supplies home page.

We are temporarily putting our website on hold, to take a much needed break from our work and filling orders. 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. 

We're not exactly sure when we'll be back on line, though

tentatively, we'd like it to be soon, before the end of the year (2016). 

You're welcome to contact us by phone if you have our number

(it's on the backside label of our products),

or email us at our email address below.

We have more than a few thoughts and dreams about the new direction we'd like to go.  As always, we are very grateful to you for supporting us through so many wonderful years in business!  You've helped us make many memories since the summer of 1996 when it all started.

  If you have any questions or are wondering when we'll be back,

you can email us at bhsmail@bellsouth.net

Thank You!